Rockville, Maryland Cremation Average Price

The average cost of cremation in Rockville, Maryland is $3,133. This cost includes the basic cremation service, as well as the transportation of the body to the crematorium and the return of the cremated remains to the family.

**Cremation in the City of Rockville, Maryland**

Cremation is a popular choice for final disposition in the city of Rockville, Maryland. In 2020, the cremation rate in Rockville was 56%, higher than the national cremation rate of 55.1%.

There are a number of reasons why cremation is becoming increasingly popular. For some people, cremation is a more affordable option than burial. Others choose cremation because it is a more environmentally friendly option. And still others choose cremation because it allows for more flexibility in terms of memorial services.

There are a number of cremation providers in the city of Rockville. Each provider offers a variety of services and prices. It is important to do your research and compare providers before making a decision.

The following is a list of cremation providers in the city of Rockville:

* [Advantage Cremation](
* [Crematory of Rockville](
* [Evergreen Cremation](
* [Green Cremation Services](
* [Life Celebrations Cremation](

Once you have chosen a cremation provider, you will need to make arrangements for the cremation. This typically involves choosing a cremation container, scheduling the cremation, and making arrangements for a memorial service.

The cremation container is the vessel in which the body will be cremated. The most common cremation container is a cardboard cremation casket. Other options include a wooden cremation casket, a metal cremation urn, or a biodegradable cremation urn.

The cremation fee typically includes the cost of the cremation container, the cremation process, and the return of the cremated remains. The cost of the cremation fee varies depending on the provider and the type of cremation container you choose.

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Memorial services can be held before or after the cremation. If you choose to hold a memorial service before the cremation, the cremated remains will be present at the service. If you choose to hold a memorial service after the cremation, the cremated remains will be displayed in an urn.

The city of Rockville offers a number of resources for those who are considering cremation. The following is a list of resources:

* [Rockville City Cemetery](
* [Rockville Memorial Park](
* [Rockville Social Services](
* [Rockville Department of Health and Human Services](

If you have any questions about cremation, please contact a cremation provider or the city of Rockville.

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