O’Fallon, Missouri Cremation Average Price

The average cost of cremation in O’Fallon, Missouri is $5,200. This cost includes the basic cremation service, the use of a cremation container, and the transportation of the remains to the crematory.

Cremation in the City of O’Fallon, Missouri

Cremation is a process by which the body is reduced to bone fragments through the application of heat and pressure. It is an alternative to burial and is increasingly popular in the United States. In 2019, the cremation rate in the United States was 56.1%, up from 27.3% in 2000.

The City of O’Fallon, Missouri, has a cremation rate of 58.3%, which is higher than the national average. There are a number of reasons why cremation is becoming more popular, including:

* It is a more affordable option than burial.
* It is a more environmentally friendly option than burial.
* It is a more convenient option than burial.

The City of O’Fallon has a number of cremation providers to choose from. These providers offer a variety of services, including:

* Direct cremation: This is the most basic cremation service and includes the cremation of the body and the return of the cremated remains to the family.
* Full-service cremation: This service includes all of the services offered in direct cremation, as well as a memorial service or funeral.
* Cremation with burial: This service includes the cremation of the body and the burial of the cremated remains in a cemetery.

The City of O’Fallon also has a number of laws and regulations governing cremation. These laws include:

* The body must be cremated within 30 days of death.
* The cremated remains must be disposed of in a respectful manner.
* The cremation provider must be licensed by the state of Missouri.

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If you are considering cremation for your loved one, there are a number of things you should keep in mind. These include:

* The cost of cremation
* The environmental impact of cremation
* The convenience of cremation
* The laws and regulations governing cremation

By considering all of these factors, you can make an informed decision about whether cremation is the right option for your loved one.

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