Hampton, Virginia Cremation Average Price

The average cost of cremation in Hampton, Virginia is $2,075. This price includes the basic cremation service, which includes the removal of the body from the place of death, transportation to the crematory, cremation, and the return of the cremated remains to the family.

**Cremation in the City of Hampton, Virginia**

Cremation is a popular choice for final disposition in the city of Hampton, Virginia. In 2020, the cremation rate in Hampton was 63.2%, compared to 56.1% for the state of Virginia and 56.2% for the United States as a whole.

There are a number of reasons why cremation is becoming increasingly popular. First, it is a more affordable option than traditional burial. Second, it is a more environmentally friendly option, as it produces less pollution than burial. Third, cremation allows for more flexibility in terms of memorialization, as cremated remains can be scattered, buried, or kept in an urn.

There are a number of cremation providers in the city of Hampton. Some of the most popular include:

* **Hampton Crematory**
* **Hampton Funeral Home and Crematory**
* **Oak Grove Funeral Home and Crematory**
* **Westbury Funeral Home and Crematory**

These providers offer a variety of cremation services, including direct cremation, memorial cremation, and full-service cremation. They also offer a variety of memorialization options, such as urns, cremation jewelry, and scattering gardens.

If you are considering cremation for your loved one, it is important to do your research and compare different providers. You should also consider the cost of cremation, the memorialization options available, and the location of the cremation provider.

For more information on cremation in the city of Hampton, Virginia, you can contact the following organizations:

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* **Hampton City Government**
* **Virginia Department of Health**
* **National Funeral Directors Association**

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